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Hi, there, nice to see you. Thanks for popping by. This post is the latest in a series of ‘Kev asks an AI to do things’ posts, I asked Bing Chat (a microsoft tarted up version of ChatGPT with a terrible name) to “write a short bedtime story about a frog who becomes evil and takes over the world”. It did, and here is is in all its weird glory…

Here is a short story I wrote based on your prompt:

The Rise of the Evil Frog

Freddy was a normal frog who lived in a pond with his friends. He liked to catch flies, swim in the water, and croak at night. He was happy and content with his life.

But one day, everything changed. Freddy found a strange glowing rock near the edge of the pond. He was curious and touched it with his tongue. He felt a surge of energy and a sudden pain in his head. He quickly pulled away and spat out the rock.

He didn’t know what had happened, but he felt different. He felt smarter, stronger, and more powerful than before. He also felt a dark and evil urge to dominate everything around him.

He decided to test his new abilities. He found a nearby snake and hypnotized it with his eyes. He ordered it to coil around a mouse and squeeze it to death. He watched with delight as the snake obeyed him and killed the mouse.

He then moved on to bigger prey. He hypnotized a hawk and made it dive into the pond and drown. He hypnotized a fox and made it run into a trap and get caught. He hypnotized a deer and made it charge into a tree and break its neck.

He was having fun, but he wanted more. He wanted to rule over all the animals in the forest. He wanted to rule over all the humans in the city. He wanted to rule over the whole world.

He gathered an army of frogs and other creatures under his control. He taught them how to use weapons and explosives. He planned an attack on the nearest human settlement.

He led his army to the town and launched a surprise assault. They blew up cars, buildings, and power lines. They killed people with guns, knives, and poison. They caused chaos and panic everywhere.

Freddy was pleased with his success. He declared himself the king of the world and demanded that everyone bow down to him or face his wrath.

But he had underestimated the humans. They were not as weak as he thought. They fought back with their own weapons and technology. They called for help from other towns and countries. They formed a resistance against Freddy’s tyranny.

They tracked down Freddy’s base in the pond and attacked it with tanks, helicopters, and bombs. They killed many of his followers and wounded him badly.

Freddy realized that he had made a mistake. He had been too greedy and arrogant. He had gone too far. He wished he had never touched that glowing rock.

He tried to escape, but it was too late. A human soldier spotted him and shot him in the head.

Freddy’s reign of terror was over.

The end.

13 comments on “An AI Bedtime Story

  • That’s the thing with these AIs they can only re-coagulate things that have already happened.
    The old hypnotized deer running into a tree routine is as old as time.

  • I refute the allegation that I was “pooping by”. How dare you. All my pooping was done much earlier and in private.

  • Do you often refute things that haven’t been mentioned in any way? Is this on the wrong post or have you just eated one too many quince?

  • I have literally no idea what you’re talking about, and any insinuation that the post may have been edited will be treated as libel and you’ll be hearing from my lawyer, EEFY McJEEEFY.

    Good day.

  • I have eaten too many quince, yes, which is why I was pooping so much earlier on. But that has nothing to do with the lies and insults which you have made about me in the last couple of posts. You have edited away the word I referred to, and what’s more, your lawyer has no legal training beyond the ability to shout very loudly.

  • That’s never stopped him. Remember that time he successfully shouted down that libel suit from Dame Maggie Smith? Absolute mastery of his craft.

  • I seem to remember his main tactic in that case was to make her ears bleed so she had to call off the case and go to hospital. It’s an unorthodox method but I can’t deny it worked.

  • Speaking of Dame Maggie Smith, assuming this story gets turned into a major Hollywood feature film, we should make sure she’s on board. I think she’d be great in the role of the strange glowing rock.

  • Dynamite. Gold, absolute gold. Let’s go sign her up right now.

    Kev is too busy constructing a dissertation Dalmatian or whatever it is that takes up all his free time these days.

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