Avatar Bean Grab – Jan 2020!

Look everyone, look over there…
Just there, you see that green bit, yeah, just behind that… no left a bit.

Haha, whilst you’re all looking over there I’m sneaking off to Chris’ statistical bean cupboard and pinching one. What are you going to do? You’re off looking at that thing over there.

Got one!

Whats that? You cant see it? Keep looking… Yeah just behind that bush….


27 comments on “Bean Grab – Jan 2020!

  • Fucking unbelievable. I keep that cupboard locked ALL THE TIME, and then I unlocked it over Christmas so I could tart up the results table with ticks and crosses and links and things, and in he goes with his thieving fingers.

    (Nicely done.)

  • (Also, the fact this is titled “Bean Grab – Jan 2020” and not just “Bean Grab” makes me wonder if Kev’s strategy is going to be to throw one of these in on any month he posts a podcast to score an extra bean with zero effort.)

  • (It is a possibility, but not the sort of thing I’d like to rely on. It was mostly because I realised it was the 31st and there was no more time to crack off some gold)

    I’m going for it this year, 12 beans. Boom.

  • I approve of this fully. Let’s score 36 beans this year… TOGETHER.

    (By posting individually.)

  • I also look forward to this being part of some future calendar possibly in the year 2026. Now THAT’s futuristic.

  • Would it be our calendar, or is it going to enter the zeitgeist to such an extent that they’ll all be doing it? Cliff? Hollyoaks? Half naked firemen? kittens?

    (I know how much you like those half naked firemen calendars)

  • Kevin may like those kinds of shenanigans but I cannot abide male nudity unless it’s me. It’s still a no from me, by me.


  • Cliff isn’t interested in your so-called “opinions”. His left side is fully clothed but his right side is absolutely starkers, and that’s how it’s staying.

    The kittens are also naked.

  • How has he managed to clothe one side but not the other? Is he really that desperate for cash he’s releasing confusing calendars so he can afford the other side of his jumper?

  • No, he has all his half-clobber specially made. A half-shirt, a hemicardigan and a pair of semitrousers.

  • Semitrousers made me laugh out loud more than it should have done.

    Also, semitrousers.

  • I never knew that, having reached the age of 36, I would be as obsessed with eyes and spoons as much as I am right now.

    Life is good.

  • Smug hippo is smug, and eye-and-spoon-obsessed Ian is eye-and-spoon-obsessed. The world is in order.

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