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Current trends in the world of wildlife are all over the gossip pages of the newspapers these days. The pandas taking selfies, the rhino that hosted the Grammy awards and the arctic foxes wearing Naomi Campbell’s skin as a luxurious wrap are all well known.

But what about the less famous creatures of the world? What are they doing? It turns out that many woodland creatures are developing a taste for human food. Italian is popular with many species, with dormice in some parts of England now surviving entirely on conchiglie al forno, tiramisu and Chianti.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s an owl in a Leeds branch of Costa Coffee.

Owl in Costa Coffee

7 comments on “Owl have a coffee

  • Did this actually happen? Were you actually there? Am I actually seeing this with my EYES?

  • Yes. This actually happened. You are witnessing this through my camera but I saw this event using my own actual eyes and can confirm it actually took place.

  • Your eyes have captured something magical. I also love the fact that you’ve taken a photo of a man taking a photo of an owl.

  • It’s pretty meta. If I told you the owl was looking at a woman wearing a pointy witch hat would you believe me or would I be overplaying my hand?

  • No, I would believe you. That’s literally what I was hoping you’d say. Was the witch sketching a lovely pastel drawing of Miss World, who was talking to a washing line of more owls?

  • Now that’s a tail worth telling

    (ba dum chish).

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