Avatar Pointless Purchase of the Month – February

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “Straight out of Christmas there’s no way that he could have money to burn and even if he did there’s no way he’d be stupid enough to put it up on the Beans.” Well clearly you’ve never met me because I’m much more stupid than that.

Yes! The glorious pothole that is the Pointless Purchase section. Let’s take a peek at what has been taking up space in the cupboard:

2015-02-07 16.00.38

And why we’re these a Pointless Purchase? Let’s go to our official mascot, Pointless Purchase Panda.

1. The main reason would be that these are all blu rays and he doesn’t own a blu ray player. Even if he wanted to watch them he couldn’t.

2. The second reason is that he already owns them all on dvd, so there was no need to buy them again.

3. To make matters worse he watched the aforementioned dvds a couple of days before making the purchase just to really make the whole thing even sillier.

Thank you, Pointless Purchase Panda. I suppose the icing on the cake would have been if they were blu rays from a different region but never mind. I think I’ve made my point.

I can hear Kev’s blood pressure rising as I type… A job well done!

11 comments on “Pointless Purchase of the Month – February

  • I thought I always did? You have to understand Kev, these things won’t buy themselves and stay in their original packaging on their own, will they? Someone has to intervene.

  • I think we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. There’s all this talk of buying this tat when actually Ian’s glossing over the fact that he also watches all these things. That’s a foursome of Mangapap Japcrap that nobody needs.

    It’s a big nonny no nay nen from me.

  • Does nobody appreciate the shiny? Nobody wanna little shiny?

  • Shiny is good, that means you’ve bought something new to open and enjoy!

  • But they are shiny. They’re shiny and new, and that’s how they’ll always stay. Fresh as a daisy.

  • No. It is not so because I have chosen to utilise my veto. They are now categorically matt and reflect relatively little light.

  • You can see your face in it. That makes it shiny. That’s the rule, and it has always been the rule since I was but a glint in me father’s eye.

    I’m going to suspend them over the sink in the bathroom and look at my reflection every morning just to spite you.

  • It’s my unassuming handsomeness that makes the world cry but it’s the softness of my hair that all the chicks love.

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