User avatarEpisode 13: Ivy

Episodes is back with another cracking example. Yes, I know its been fucking ages, but what are you going to do about it?

This time out we ponder the evergreen topic of Ivy, specifically:

  • Sensual statues
  • A good view
  • Riding a pig
  • Deep personal psychoanalysis from Dr. Marshall

14 comments to Episode 13: Ivy

  • Ian

    I can’t help but feel as though there is some underlying motive behind this post.

  • It’s important for me to add, at this early stage, that I haven’t listened to this yet.

  • Kev

    I’m bringing the gear to your flat. We can record season 3, then I can ignore it for 6 months and it’ll be fresh, fresh, fresh in our ear pipes.

  • I’ve now listened to this, and I think it might be my favourite episode so far. I listened to it a second time. I might listen to it a third.

    Will series 3 only be 6 months behind? Surely there’s still a wealth of series 2 material to get through. We did tons in Debbie’s Doss House and there were a fair few pubcasts in the autumn as well.

  • Ian

    I haven’t listen to this because there are ears in my office so I will have to quaff a pint of it later.

  • Kev

    I was being overly optimistic and I completely forgot about the PubCasts. I will have to dig them out.

    Can you imbibe a podcast? I didn’t know you could get them in liquid format.

  • I shudder to think how Ian absorbs these podcasts. Perhaps he actually swallows them somehow. I simply don’t know. The main thing is that he’s enjoying himself.

  • Ian

    You take the podcast, put in in a blender, add some fruit and maybe some juice, or milk, and then pouring it into a nice, tall glass. Chug chug chug, there you go.

    I took a long sip of it last night and it is A star material.

  • I’m just going to leave this here.

  • Ian

    It’s still not a word.

  • It is. And so is tableau.

  • Ian

    I will never use it. I hope that keeps you awake at night.

  • You can choose whether or not it gets added to your sweaty vocabulary. But you cannot deny that it exists.

  • Ian

    My sweaty vocabulary has inspired more ships than you can imagine.


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