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Are you tired of drinks that are grumpy, uncouth or simply downright rude? Do you long to quench your thirst with a liquid that’s polite and mild-mannered?

Then look no further.

At last, a drink with manners. A tipple fit for gentlemen. Courtesy Water will give you the refreshing taste of water and the full package of pleases and thank yous in a single 2-litre bottle.

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  • Shouldn’t it be Convenience Water? Who is it courtesy of?

  • Convenience is not the same as courtesy. You can tell this easily by going to the convenience store over the road from my new flat. It is convenient but not remotely courteous.

  • I have been the convenience store over the road from your new flat and they told me that you stink, and they don’t want your business.

    I know that you’ve been to the convenience store underneath my new flat. What did they say about me?

  • That’s not because I actually do stink. It’s because they’re not at all courteous. You see the difference? That is the difference between Courtesy Water and your proposed Convenience Water.

    The convenience store underneath your flat told me they don’t know how to spell “Daniel” and they wish you’d come downstairs and help them.

  • So if they were courteous then they’d tell you that you don’t stink,even though you do? I see, and, in another way, I don’t see.

  • Is it limited to those two purposes? Cooking and drinking? What would happen for example in you tried to wash your hands with it? Would it leave them smeared with filth?

  • He smeared filth all over Newcastle… and nobody noticed! Ba dum chish!


  • Is daubing the same as dabbing, in the way convenience and courtesy are roughly the same?

  • No. Just no. I’m not going over it again. Please read my first comment on this page, and if you have any further questions, read it again.

  • So I have to go all the way to Royskopp to get an answer to my question? Seems like a wasted journey. I’ll just assume they’re both the same.

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