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Loudermilk. Loudermilk. Is it a request? “This milk is a little quiet for my liking; could I have some Loudermilk please?”

Is it a company? A Finnish crime drama?

It’s none of these things. Loudermilk is a surname. I recently caught the beginning of an episode of what seems like an endless stream of Power Rangers series’. The newest is called something like Mega Team Force Pencil Schnapps Eyebrows. One of the actors is the brilliantly named John Mark Loudermilk.

Then, just to seal the deal in a wigwam, if you type it into Google something else completely different comes up.

‘Loudermilk’ is an American TV comedy series about a recovering alcohol and substance abuse councillor with a bad attitude.

This morning I was not even aware of the word and now I know two very differing kinds of Loudermilk. Could there be more? As I once told Eamonn Holmes, “there’s only one way to find out!”

Unfortunately the library is closed today so we will all have to wait.

This just continues the theory that everything that should be invented has already been invented. Had I been in charge, however, I would have preferred the name ‘Shoutymilk’, and Brian Blessed would have had top billing.

13 comments on “Loudermilk

  • I like the name Loudermilk. It’s a good name.

    One name that always stuck in my head is the excellent Wes Tastard who appeared in the credits to Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe.


  • If I was going to change my name it would have to be Bonobo Cupcake.

  • Cherry Chera… Chevor… that one on Family Guy is excellent. I agree.

    I think Ian should just change his name to Cupcake.

  • Cupcake would mean that I would have to change into a clip-clop, or a horse as you humans call them.

    I’ve already had a sex change to account for the fact that my joke was way too late. This would mean transforming into a female horse. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

  • I seem to look very deep and thoughtful yet fun and approachable because of my crazy colours. This is definitely a strong look.

  • I told you so. I told you I was ready for it. It was the right thing to do. You can thank me later.

    Also: you’re welcome.

  • Can’t I thank you now? Why later? What is up with later?

    Also I don’t want to be a pony anymore.

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