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It’s been a while since we last caught up with Chris’ dad, Big Frank, so let’s delve back into his crazy life and see what he’s been up to in the last twelve months.

It seems as though Big Frank has grown tired of boats and bicycles, and has entered the challenging word of graphic design. His new company, BigfrankMedia, are a creative graphic design communications agency working across all media in London. He works closely with clients, building long term relationships and delivering practical solutions that work.

This is in direct contrast to when I last saw him, telling Alexa to find a song so that he could play this to me, and inviting me into his house for pre-Christmas booze.

I am also reliably informed that BigfrankMedia has an innovative, hands-on approach. He designs everything from brochures, books, magazines and posters to websites, interiors and identities. If he’s known well throughout London I am surprised that Chris has not mentioned this sooner, given that he is Lord Mayor and Emperor of somewhere down South, presumably London.

I have always known Big Frank to be positive and committed to making a difference. It is nice that he is carrying the same ethics across to his company and bringing joy to people’s lives.

With the deepest of respect, I think we should all raise a glass to toast our dear friend and sometimes parent, Big Frank.


13 comments on “Big Frank’s Global Domination – Graphic Design

  • I think your dad leaves a double life. On the one hand he’s a retired family guy. On the other hand he’s starting businesses all over the world, presumably to keep teenager and cat girl (I forget their names) in funds when they become adults.

  • I’ve got my Big Frank Business Locator (BFBL) device which hones in on all Big Frank business activity. It’s got a visor and everything.

  • Wow, that’s pretty cool. He keeps a lot of Big Frank Technologies’ latest innovations a secret for some reason so I hadn’t heard about it. Maybe I can get one on the black market.

  • You can’t. Mine was invented by my own fair hands. And do you know what?

    This is a GOOD invention!

  • I took a squirrel, a piece of wood, a funnel, a leftover ‘f’ key from a keyboard, lots of tape and a heron’s shoe, and whammed them together.

  • And there we see Ian’s key technique for his inventions. Whamming Things Together With Tape. Patent pending.

  • If you didn’t wham them together then it wouldn’t work. The whamming is what makes the inventions what they are. Without it, they’re a collection of worthless effects.

  • I have no retort to that. Good show, sir, jolly good show.

    You really churned the cream with that remark.

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