11 comments on “Episode 3: The Crystal Skulls

  • What I like about this cannot be put into words.

  • As is now traditional when new episodes of the Beanscast appear, I would like to confirm that I haven’t listened to this yet.

  • I have now listened to this and I have enjoyed it. I like the way the strict ten minute duration means that it has no actual ending. It just stops, confusingly and disconcertingly.

  • You’ve gotta have a format. Even if it’s just an arbitrary time length.

  • I actually had to check my phone was still working when it stopped playing suddenly. Turns out it was just the end of the episode. That’s the hallmark of great production values.

  • Length is very important (waaaaaaaaaaay!)


    Length time is also very important.

  • Of course. There’s nothing fatter than our podcasts. There’s more square neck per mile than anyone else’s.

  • The most important thing about this podcast’s width time is that it’s fourwide. If nothing else you got that much right.

  • That’s almost a compliment. Thanks mate #matesquared

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