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… and in the end we had to chuck the fridge and finish the race in second place. I think it was worth it overall, especially considering the state of the floor.

Well, I can’t you lovely people here all night. I would like to thank you all for coming and listening. It’s not often that I get to speak on such a specialised topic, especially for a large group of people. We all need to remember that being an expert doesn’t always required three degrees and ten thousand hours of practise, sometimes it can be done without knowing, unwittingly even.

I trust you will take my words to heart and carry forth the message to those who couldn’t make it. There’s a plain black joggers wearing people in all of us. Thank you and goodnight!

6 comments on “Expert analysis

  • I think you’re downplaying your level of education and expertise. You’ve got three drama certificates, you know. If that doesn’t qualify you to share your expertise on plain black joggers then I don’t know what does.

  • If Tony, Tony and Tony can do it, we’ll maybe not Tony because he’s useless with a phone or computers, then maybe I can. I’m very shy about these things though. What if people question my authority? What then?

  • If anyone questions you then you just bring in the Tonies. Have them waiting behind a curtain in case you need to deploy them.

  • “Deploy the Tonies!”

    No wait, “Unleash the Tonies!”

    That’s much better. I could even unleash them wearing merchandise and if anyone gets hurt I’ll say it was a marketing stunt and then I won’t get into trouble.

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