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LEEDS, UK – Internationally renowned design genius, Kevindo Menendez has today, 16/3/16, finally taken the wraps off his new fashion collection for babies developed closely with much respected manufacturer of fancy goods, Smoochies Inc.

The new range, entitled “Baby Looks Good”, is expected to be available for retail distribution from the beginning of April. The range uses key elements from Menendez’s back catalog, such as the ‘CRAB’ and ‘PENGUIN’ motifs and the now legendary artwork commissioned by PouringBeans for their website.

I am very proud to have been a part of the development of this new range. I have always admired Kevindo’s artwork, I actually have several original pieces in my studio at home, and to be able to bring it to the masses in a range which is durable, absorbent and machine washable is greatly satisfying.

Ian McIver, Managing director of Smoochies Inc.


Huh? I just doodled a crab and this bloke brought me some things with it on. Everyone seems really excited by it so I guess it must be good.

Kevindo Menendez, Design Genius

Retaillers or distributors interested in stocking the range should contact Smoochies Inc Directly via the usual channels, quoting ref: S3LL-M3-CR4BS

Dude Menendez+Dude

10 comments on “Kevindo Menendez & Smoochies Inc.

  • Technically TECHNICALLY this post should have been done under my name since most of it is about me, except the baby.

  • So what your saying is that when I’m not here, and not posting you complain and when I do, you complain that my post should be yours?

  • I’m just doing what you did when I wrote a letter on your behalf for ‘Dear Beans’.

    Ha ha. Delayed revenge.

  • I am impressed that, in launching this new range, Mr. Menendez has been so committed to his work that he has gone to the effort to create a miniature version of himself to model the new babywear.

    Will there be any bulk discount on purchases? I was hoping to get 10 for £10.10.

  • Yep. Vivienne Westwood could learn a thing or two from that. I’ve told her to get over to Smoochies Inc and ask for the beginner’s course.

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