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  • I can see this and it’s there, and it shouldn’t be. Jokes at the expense of the environmental are not funny. This has now been confirmed by two people so it must be a thing.

  • Certainly if two people remember it, it must be true. Are you now suggesting that if two people confirm it, it must be a thing?

  • I appear to have added a little footnote to the rule which stipulates that, uh huh, indeedy do, if two people confirm it then it’s a thing.

    (I hope this doesn’t backfire in my face).

  • What we’ve learned is that truth requires two people. Can we infer from this natural law of the universe, then, that one person on their own can never be right?

  • You see me, right, this is me WELL out of my comfort zone. Big issues, big ideas, okay let’s give this a whirl okay…

    Yes. I believe so.

  • I believe so as well. Which makes it true.

    The worrying side effect is that, when I’m on my own, I’m always wrong.

  • I can verify that. I cannot believe how wrong one person can be and you’ve totally tipped the scales the wrong way. Perhaps you need to invoke a bit of sel-env and then that way you always have two with you. Capiche?

  • I remember seeing them in the cupboard at home as a child and looking bitterly disappointed each time because they weren’t biscuits. They look like tiny sprouts.

  • Do you eat raw capers? I think that’s pretty bad form, mate. Make a sandwich or some pasta next time. You’ll get a reputation.

  • I wouldn’t pay £7.50 for a meal deal anyway. And who wants beetroot crisps and sparkling water for lunch?

    F*ck this like a haddock on Sunday.


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