Avatar Moosin’ Aroun’

Adventure unbound, shockin’ the groun’, he’s…

You’ve seen his HILARIOUS YouTube videos and now it’s time for Moose, the plucky dog, to take his show on the road.

He’s coming to your home town (or somewhere nearby, geographically speaking) with his patented over the top sense of humour.

Expect antics, japes, jokes, capers, shenanigans, pranks, larks, escapades, romps, frolics, high jinks and even a few special guests.

Tickets are onsale now. VIP passes are available but only while stocks last!

Book as quick as your fingers can type!

9 comments on “Moosin’ Aroun’

  • I’m thrilled to see the list of places Moosin’ Aroun’ will be goin’ on this tour. Not enough high quality acts see fit to include Jaywick on their tourin’ schedule.

  • That’s not great. You’ll miss out on the *looks up* social issues, deprivation, environmental risks, legions of elderly people…

    Ooo! They filmed some scenes from ‘Starter For Ten’ on the sea front. You’ll miss out on that.

  • I don’t know what that is, so it just adds to the existing “Starter for Ten” things I’m missing out on. I’ve thought about that and I’m OK with it.

  • It’s a story about a man going on University Challenge. Way more impressive in the execution than it is in my description. There’s also Trevor Eve’s daughter in it. That’s all the detail you need.

  • You must take me for an idiot. I’m not falling for any of it. This so-called “Trevor Eve” character you allegedly keep referencing, if that is his real name, means nothing to me, and I don’t believe he has a daughter at all.

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