Avatar Ruining Kev’s future posts – Me Edition

I wanted to get in on this action because it’s all very well and good doing a joke once but it’s even better (?) to repeat it a second time in the same month. Spoiling Kev’s plans? Yes please.

I’m joining in then, throwing my hat into the ring on that dusty trail. I have consulted my Kev-prediction robot and it has come up with these potential future posts that now won’t happen now because I’ve altered the future. If he does write a post about these things then I will have been right and nobody wants a world where I’m right. There would be chaos. So sorry everyone, you’ll never see posts about the following:


The Boston Tea Party

Wireless abbabbs (or some computer bollocks I’ll never understand)

There. Happy to start enjoying my new hobby. I feel as though this has been a very productive five minutes of my time.

11 comments on “Ruining Kev’s future posts – Me Edition

  • This is great. The surveillance equipment I have monitoring Kev’s home, car and brainwaves have detected that his next post was going to be about how a colony of bees nesting in his wireless abbab reminded him of the Boston Tea Party, so this has ruined his plans with pinpoint accuracy. Excellent work.

  • Unless he strikes out in a new direction and starts pre-empting our posts in return. He’ll post a few Four Word Reviews, or a long essay based around a photo of some seafood sauce he’s found at a bus stop, that sort of thing. Then we’ll be in trouble.

  • What, so he ruins our posts ruining his posts before we have a chance to do so? There’s a thought.

    So what you’re saying is that we should ruin his posts before he ruins our posts ruining his posts. I’m exhausted typing this let alone doing it.

  • Yeah, I suppose I am saying that, but you’re right. It sounds like an absolute hassle.

    How about, instead of that, we crack open a box of Mr Kipling’s Bakewell Tarts, and have three each.

  • That’s the best idea I’ve had in ages, but I didn’t have it because you had it, therefore what I should have done is gone back and deleted the error yet instead I have embraced it like a boss.

    Bring on dem ‘Well Tarts.

  • Yep. The downside of that is that we’ll only get two each, so what I now propose is that we open two boxes of Mr Kipling’s Bakewell Tarts, and then we get four each instead.

  • Then it’s decided.

    *hopes that, having said nothing about what has been decided, nobody will be cross with him*

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