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In this confusing and ever-changing world, we can all welcome a bit of guidance; an expert voice who can make things clear and brush away our doubts. Nowhere is the need for that clarity and wisdom more necessary than in the realm of science.

Thankfully, Smidge Manly is here and, over four episodes, he’s going to explain all there is to know about the “big four” scientific disciplines: time, wind, rain, and cars.

Obviously, he’s going to start with cars.

The next episode will arrive in precisely seventeen days, by order of Kev.

22 comments on “Smidge on Science: Cars

  • I watched this and it was way too short for my viewing eyes. They wanted much more information about wheels, and baby vans.

  • It was a pretty tall order to pack everything Smidge knows about cars into such a short programme, but we did just about manage it.

  • I think there was room for at least some kind of TV special, possibly involving a celebrity guest (Morrissey) and various types of birds.

  • (Can you imagine coming to this site and reading the comments if you didn’t have a detailed knowledge of twenty years of our in-jokes?)

  • (Isn’t that pretty much what Joe was hinting at when he said that you needed to be around us and soak up every last in-joke otherwise you’d have no clue what we were talking about?)

    Answer: it’d be awful.

  • No, I think it’s good at first, and only after being surrounded by it continuously for a few days do I start to think it’s awful. But that would be true of most things that are generally enjoyable, like that song by the Stereophonics about matches, or ham.

  • I don’t remember a stereophonics song about ham. Was it one of their newer ones, because they were all poo?

  • Ham a Nice Day?

    Too Many (Ham) Sandwiches?

    Pork a Part that’s New?


  • I meant ham in general, not a Stereophonics song, as I suspect you well knew, you cheeky scamp. But it has provided the opportunity for some grade A Stereophonics/ham puns, so it has been time well spent.

  • That’s good because I had run out after three, unless you want to include ‘T-Shirt Sun Ham’ as an afterthought.

    I think I did exceptionally well.

  • I DID and I DID and I DID SO again, didn’t I?

    (Of course, his poor grammar has no place here).

  • I DID though, pow right in the kisser, didn’t I?

    (What a lemon)

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