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I don’t like Black Friday. I don’t like that it’s an American thing that makes no sense here, and I don’t like that it’s a ridiculous incentive to buy stupid crap I don’t need, and I don’t like that it causes stampedes of morons to trash shops in the hope of getting a bargain on a games console. I don’t like Black Friday.

So when Black Friday rolls around I take a principled stand and refuse to take part. My morals are stronger than my desire for bargains. Or so I thought.

This year I happened to be doing some Christmas shopping online when I hit on the Amazon list of Black Friday deals, and something turned my head.

I couldn’t resist. I was weak. I bought it.

I splashed out a totally unplanned £5, and now I have a pack of five adhesive cable clips in a range of sizes to keep all my wires tidy at the back of my desk.

Im not proud of it. But at least, when my standards slipped, it was for a just cause.

10 comments on “Splashing out

  • It is, and I’m ashamed to be a part of it.

    But yeah, they’re really nice. In a sort of shameful capitalist way.

  • Exactly. I did something similar, which was to leave it in my flat in Ruislip. I haven’t been there in a month. So these things have been no use to me whatsoever.

  • I tell you what, get Steve to send them to me or Kev and then you can angrily stomp around both your current and new lodgings complaining about the fact that you had them, they were there in the *insert item of furniture here* and now they’re not. That’ll be a fun. A most fun.

  • Send them? To you? After I shelled out all those Black Friday Mon-wahs on them? No thank you, sir. No. Not a bit of it. I’ll be sticking them to my face just as soon as I’m back in the ‘slip.

  • You’re such a cheapskate. You’ve gone from “loins out, wallet out, flipping pennies at anyone with a smile” to nothing.

    That drinks cabinet has changed you and not for the better.

  • You’re right. I’m such a sham. I went back to the ‘slip and didn’t stick a single one to my face. Now all the cables lying all over my face are still in a state of disarray, as usual.

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