Avatar Testing…testing… 123

Hello? Hello?

Can you hear me at the back? If you can, then we have successfully transferred over to the new magical computers.

Things do seem to be a lot faster around here so I can only assume that the computers were very pleased with the ceremony I conducted on Saturday evening.

I couldn’t get any of the magical computer banks shown in the first post, but by way of apology we now have a full room of these pumping things out instead.


I hope this is still worth £15.

9 comments on “Testing…testing… 123

  • Everything about this is well worth £15.00, expect my face which is priceless.

  • Do you need a report about my face? I’ve already started preparing one in readiness for your answer, regardless of what it is.

  • I require a full report on your face. I insist on it having a wide range of sub-headings and a diagram.

    Computer overlords lit up in blue are well worth £15.00 and you may expect my payment forthwith.

  • It doesn’t count as a report unless there are sub-headings, and a conclusion.

  • I fail to see what was diagram-esque about the picture. You, sir, are now being lambasted, sir – LAMBASTED – about your face report on two different pages. That has to sting.

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