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Minutes of the initial scoping meeting for the recently proposed “Best of the Papples” album project, held at Pouring Beans Records Inc. head office, as recorded on a tiny piece of kitchen roll.

Present: I. Mac Mac Mac Mac McIver (band member); C. Numbers (band member); K. Menendez (A&R executive); Nizzle (producer); E. Lou (Papples Fan Club representative); N. Wolfwood (attorney at law to Mr. Mac Mac Mac Mac McIver).

Shortlist of tracks for inclusion

There was some disagreement about the overall duration of a greatest hits album and the number of tracks it might contain. Mr. Numbers suggested there should be at least one (1) new track to ensure the fans bought the compilation. Mr. Menendez counselled strongly against the creation of any new “cover versions”.

The following list was approved as an initial selection from which an album could be created; a second pass of the list resulted in some receiving a star (*) indicating the most strongly preferred tracks.

  1. Beans (Methane Remix) *
  2. Dog Song *
  3. Better than a B Side *
  4. Beefy Tears
  5. Ass Pumping Gas *
  6. The Only Problem Is You *
  7. Dubsteppin’ (Over the Border)
  8. Lion Chorus *
  9. Pod Ice *
  10. Singin’ at the Back of the Queue *
  11. Mincey Beef
  12. Dancin’ With My Truss On *
  13. Dirty Chips *
  14. Sexatronic *
  15. Captain’s Hat *
  16. Dirty Work *
  17. You Can’t Clean a Sieve *
  18. Ghosts in the Microwave *
  19. Kerfuffle
  20. Swamp Hospital *

It was suggested that, as well as a new composition, the compilation could include a second new track, which would be a version of an existing Papples song in the style of a Papples cover version. This suggestion met with broad approval within the band, but Mr. Menendez requested that the minutes should record his strong dissent.

Possible titles

A number of possible titles for the compilation were suggested, though none were chosen. These included:

  • One Good Track
  • What’s a Good Name for a Greatest Hits Album?
  • Title of Album
  • Milking the Fans
  • Pulling a Fast One
  • Stretching the Truth

Any other business

The phrase “fuzzy fun chemist” was appended to the draft minutes for no discernible reason.

Action points


Meeting adjourned.

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