Avatar Neil Armstrong gets a Time Machine (using a Time Machine)

Here at da beans we do like to consider everything before we make our minds up. There is absolutely no point in rushing in with an idea or an opinion unless it has been thought through with a considerable degree of certainty.

Still, this kind of logic is nothing when faced with the abstract mind of a child. Who’s child? My child.

This child does not obey the laws of anything other than what I tell him, and quite possibly his teacher. That said there is still a realm of “eh?”, a dark corner of his mind that does not allow anything in that refuses to conform to that happy rainbow of “surely not”. I bore witness to such a thing recently which was documented in my notebook, which was as follows:

“Neil Armstrong… gets a time machine (which he can only use once) to travel into the future to get a better time machine to make him famous. Then the world blows up.

Note: if you get a time machine go back in time and destroy him!”

I have looked at this page in my notebook on many occasions, and indeed I was there when he was talking about this, and still I am baffled as to what it actually means. Any help that anyone can throw my way would be very gratefully received.

17 comments on “Neil Armstrong gets a Time Machine (using a Time Machine)

  • To me, as in me, it’s obvious.

    What it means is that Neil Armstrong needs to get a time machine, which will be tricky because he’s already died, so actually you’ll need two single use time machines, one of which should be used to send the other one back in time to a time where he’s alive so he can use it, and then he, as in him, needs to use that to go forward in time to a time when they have better time machines, where he becomes famous, which has to happen before the world blows up, and you, as in you, should, if you get a time machine, other than the first two of which one, as in one, sent the other one back in time, use that to go back in time and destroy him, as in him.

  • It’s so much simpler when you explain things. Why couldn’t you have been here when he was chuntering off that ream of nonsense? I’m gonna have to have words with his teacher.

  • I think hes saying something about the inner desires of all of us to go into the future and become famous, perhaps because our time machine is so awesome. Its quite simple really.

  • So… so what you’re saying is that you really enjoyed the Paula Abdul cd and you want to hear more of her work? She does have a DVD of all her music videos.

  • So… so what you’re saying is that more is better and that if you don’t receive anymore Paul Abdul you’re going to kick off big willie style?

  • You bet. That sucker has all the good stuff, and when I say good stuff I mean the ones that people will have heard of.

    Two steps forward, I take two steps back, we come together ‘cos I’m dressed like a cat!

  • I’d totally forgotten Straight Up. Now THAT is a song. Full marks. There’s not enough tap in modern music.

  • True true. I can also play a simplified version on the ukulele too, so we can get our 80’s pop tap dance on.

  • That’s what it says on my Linked In profile… so I’m told by management.

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