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There are a lot of heroes that never receive the recognition they deserve. They wander on, still doing their best, still going above and beyond the expectations of their peers and yet their trophy cabinet remains empty. It’s not as if they do what they do for the silverware though; they do it because nobody else can.

I would like to offer a warm slightly moist hug to those people and things. I open up my arms and welcome them into the happiness of my bosom, sometimes with a sympathetic tap to the head and a quiet word in their ear.

For there are many who don’t realise that without them the world would be a much darker place. I hope you all will join hands and put down your slush puppies, in that order, to slap a high five in the general direction of…



18 comments on “A Big THANK you

  • This post is long overdue and the contribution of elbows to the success of the British Empire has been tragically overlooked.

    I would like to support this sentiment wholeheartedly, and add my own personal “hoorah” to the pro-elbow movement.


  • Consider what the world would be like without elbows. Just consider it. It’s not worth considering, is it?

  • Exactly because you already know how bad it would be without them.

    I’m thinking of naming mine.

  • Mine are called “Elbow” and “Elbow”. I named them both by selecting five random letters and it’s just a coincidence that both names spell “elbow”.

  • What a coincidence.

    Do you think Andy Pandy and Billy Elliot are good names?

  • Too complicated. I’ll never remember thems. I’m gonna label them ‘Roads’ and ‘not Roads’.

  • Have you ever been able to get through one whole day without saying that? It’s practically your catchphrase.

    I’ll get it EMBLAZENED upon a t-shirt for you.

  • If you didn’t say it though how would the millions of fans take it? They’ve travelled all the way from Japan and the US for nothing? You’d get raked in the funnies.

  • Right, so what you’re saying is that when I start pezzling members of the public you’ll keep the car running?

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