Avatar Things Euston Square Station is not, No. 71: a badger

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you’ll have seen that (despite the previous 70 episodes in this informative series) there is still huge uncertainty among the British public about whether Euston Square Station is or is not certain things.

We have, of course, ruled out a range of things that Euston Square Station might have been in previous episodes, including a tray of condiments and relishes, Weston-Super-Mare, a pencil sharpener and a slightly aggravated North American Peregrine Falcon. But one question continues to vex the nation: is Euston Square Station a badger?

Thankfully, we are able to put this question to rest once and for all. A visit to the station itself, and close inspection of the station sign, reveals the answer.

Euston Square Station is not a badger.

If you’re unsure whether or not Euston Square Station is or is not something, you can write to this address for a factsheet:

Things Euston Square Station Is Not
Room 4000
PBP Television Centre
Pouring Beans
The Internet

13 comments on “Things Euston Square Station is not, No. 71: a badger

  • Hang on a minute, how can we be certain that those words can be trusted? Who put them there?

  • Don’t you recognise Euston Square Station’s handwriting? That’s clearly Euston Square Station’s handwriting.

  • Surely if that was Euston Square Station’s handwriting it would have been part of the main sign to begin with. Do you think they forgot to include it?

  • Ah right. Was that to save the Council money? What a trooper. I have to say that of all the stations wherever it is you live (Rumbelows?) that one is one of the best.

  • I thought it was. Can you put in a good word for me? I need to rent a video recorder and one of those TVs with a big ass.

  • I can’t afford the 16″; it’ll have to be the standard 14″ please.

    Do they accept Abbey National credit cards? I’ve also got my Midlands Bank cheque book.

  • (That’s the bastard I was trying to remember the name of)


  • (On the bus route to Reuben’s house there was a garage that still had a sign for Access Card. Now that I drive I never see it anymore. That’s why I couldn’t recall the name.)


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