Avatar The second horror of Christmas

Round here people like to put lights on their house for Christmas. You know there’s that house near you, where the people go a bit mad, and cover the whole thing in garish flashing multicoloured lights? Every year, because it’s their “thing”? Well, we more or less live in a whole town of people like that.

On our street, the people next door and the people over the road compete for the most Christmas lights every year. As a result we are trapped in the middle of the fairy light equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Here is the view out of our bedroom window this year.

And then, if you want a bit of a break from the light shining through the blinds, you can go round to the back, where this is the view.

8 comments on “The second horror of Christmas

  • That’s quite frankly pathetic. Neither of them deserve to win. There’s so much empty real estate there that could be filled with lights it’s as though they’re not even trying. If I were them I wouldn’t wanna know them.

  • Do you want to share a picture of your Christmas lights with us? I bet they’re incredible, if you’re looking at these two pictures as a couple of failures.

  • My Christmas lights are non-existent in that I have some but never turn them on. Ack, I know, I know, you may consider me a Scrooge, sir, however I’m never here long enough to appreciate them and also they’ve been packed away now it’s January.

  • I see. So what you’re saying is, these people didn’t put in enough effort, but you – a man who treats the use of Christmas lights as a purely theoretical exercise while spending the entire festive season in miserable darkness – are somehow superior.

  • So what you’re saying is, the precariousness of your position is a matter of subjective idealism? I suppose it might be. On the other hand, it’s not Christmas any more so the problem has gone away.

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