User avatarA celebration of the many Kevs

I was rummaging in the extensive Beans Archive today, looking for inspiration, when I stumbled across this post, made ten years ago today. It marks the occasion on which Mr. Kevin Head turned 24 years old. Well, as you can imagine, I immediately got my calculator out, and blow me if that doesn’t mean that today is very likely to be Mr. Kevin Head’s birthday again. He will be older than 24 today, though I’m not entirely sure by how much.

What better day, then, to celebrate our acquaintance with the Beans’ resident DIY expert and master Giant Magical Computer Appeaser, Kevin “Kevindo Menendez” Menendez?

In conclusion, then: let us all wish many happy returns to our ever-absent but fundamentally well-meaning Chinese friend, Kevin “Old Man Kevvers” Chang. Happy birthday.

Now go away.

16 comments to A celebration of the many Kevs

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Look at him with his life. What’s that about?

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Also look how you’ve celebrated him and his life and he’s too busy loving his life to comment on it.

  • I know. He acts as though buffing his girders and tapping out his soffits is somehow better than interacting with the likes of us. Which it probably is, but I still find it rude.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Buffing his girders? Tapping out his soffits?



  • Exactly.

    So busy he still hasn’t had time to crack his eyes all over this.

    Wheeeeeey… no, that was just weird.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I’ve lived a long and strange life but I’ve never heard of anyone cracking (or crazking as I typed) their eyes over something. Does it hurt?

  • Kevil

    I’ve been in my natural habitat of a tent covered field for the last week, with my trusty Nokia the only technology alongside me.

    I can confirm that this is an excellent and factually correct look at my many Me’s.

    Here here.

  • Kevil

    Just there. Under that thing.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Wait, don’t look under that thing. Chris’ face may be hiding there. We can’t say for sure. Get an axe.

  • Do not, I repeat, do not take an axe to my face.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Is that your money maker? Is that what pays the bills? How many bills can you pay with your face, Chris?

  • No. My money maker is my firm but shapely ass. My ass can pay all the bills.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    Eugh. I’m not sure I wanted to know that. In fact I definitely did not want to know that. I’m trying to forget it.

  • There’s a lesson there about not asking too many questions. As the philosopher Emmanuel Kant wrote, “if you ask too many questions, sooner or later you’ll hear about my ass”.

  • Ian "Mac Mac Mac Mac" McIver

    I’ve known you for a very long time and all I’ve EVER done is ask your sorry ass questions. Why is this only coming up now?

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