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Everything gets reviewed these days, from mobile phones to toilet cleaners, so it seems only fair that The Papples latest body of work should be included.


Sarah and I sat down this fine evening to give ‘A Sensual Awakening’ a good going over, and decided that rather than use lots of words to accurately convey how we felt about each song, we’d do a two word review.

From Us.

To You.

 Track No  Title  Kev’s Review   Sarah’s Review 
   Good Invention  Inspirational Invention  Aspirational Ballad
 2  Captain’s Hat  Nautical Dreamland  Clap Happy
 3  10/10  Eight Tenths  9/10
 4  Leg Jazz  80’s Agadon’t  Time Warped
 5  Run With It  Sculpted Contempt  Uninspiring Arrogance
 6  Instrumental  Lazy Filler  Pointless Interlude
 7  Dirty Work  Doubly Annoying  Primitive Vowels
 8  You Can’t Clean a Sieve  Domestic Excellence  Dish Water
 9  Ghosts in the Microwave  Re-heated Saxophones  Cruise Dross
 10  Kerfuffle  Jiggy Wiggles  (What can I do? …) Don’t Du-et
 11  Tigerplane vs Chickencopter  Zoological Warfare  Kung Poo
 12  Swamp Hospital  Eldorado Infirmary  Getting Better

As you can see, over all we think a fair and all encompassing review would be: Semi Excellent

Our advice would be: More jig / Less jazz.

Keep up the good work Papples.

13 comments on “A Sensual Awakening: Two Word Reviews

  • As I said to Ian, my only regret is that we didn’t put some lyrics on “Instrumental”.

    I’m a bit sad you didn’t go for Leg Jazz. I’m a big fan of Leg Jazz. Especially the line at the end, “running out of leg jazz”.

  • Ironically Lazy Filler and Pointless Interlude were working titles for the Instrumental.

    I like this review.

  • If Kev didn’t like Run With It, that’s a small price to pay for the creation of the delightful phrase “sculpted contempt”. I hope to sculpt much more contempt in the coming year.

  • I was very fond of the line “running out of leg jazz”, as I knew it would be over soon, and Chris would stop shouting at me. Unfortunately Run With It was the next track and he started all over again! (Incidentally, I loved the run with it verses, just not the chorus.)

  • I still can’t decide which is my favourite from Captains Hat, You Can’t Clean a Sieve and Swamp Hospital. You now have 12 words each to make your cases.

  • I like shouting at you. That’s why I do it. Run With It may have been the last song we wrote and may have had more space for verses if we’d been inclined to write them and not stick some more choruses in. I wonder if we should have at least doubled up the end with the lines from the first verse again, running under the chorus lyrics. But anyway, we’ve no time for regrets here. My twelve words go like this.

    Swamp Hospital is THE most delightfully nonsensical combination of Papples lyrics and music.

  • I’m not sure what track Ian is advocating but I’m glad he stayed within that strictly-enforced word limit.

  • It needed to be said so I said it and that’s the end if that chapter.

    Also, I have it on good authority that the hand – clapping antics in ‘Captain’s Hat’ are very much admired.

  • Try saying that ten times as fast as possible.

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