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It has been said, somewhat unkindly, that the EP recently released by The Rapples does not represent the pinnacle of rap music and that, in fact, The Rapples may have tossed it off without much attention paid to either lyrical content (cf. Quick Go), ability to rap (cf. Crash and Burn) or, indeed, bothering to rap at all (cf. Toot Toot Beep Beep).

But these criticisms surely all come to nothing when you realise that one of the songs considered vital to the establishment of rap as a musical form is Rapture by Blondie. The nonsensical, barely rhythmic chatter in that song, masquerading as rap, about an alien that eats cars, is apparently not just legitimate rap but is a classic of the genre.

The Rapples can surely rest easy knowing that, at the absolute minimum, everything on “Space for an Ace” is vastly superior to that.

9 comments on “A small but gratifying observation

  • Can I ask which newspaper and/or critic furnished you with these remarks?

  • Great.

    Which newspaper and/or critic furnished you with these remarks?

  • That’s a strange name for a critic. They sound more like a blogger. Is it a blogger that has a limited view when it comes to music? We were cooking on gas for that weekend, and hot gas too.

  • I’ve never assed as much gas as we did over those two days.

  • Yeah. Those were the days. Not just ass pumping gas, but pumping ass too. But then, when you’re young, you can do these things.

  • If I could but return to the days of ass pumping gas (pumping ass) when all you had to do was pump ass gas… ah, that would be so nice.

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