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The music press has been very excited lately about rumours that The Papples have been working on a side project with their occasional collaborator Kevil – fans will, of course, know him as co-creator of “Dirty Chips”, the top selling track on their last album.

It looks like those rumours were true as news emerges of the formation of a supergroup called The Rapples. They are describing themselves as an urban music collective, set to “revolutionise rap in the same way the Papples have revolutionised pop music”. Their debut EP is due out soon. It’s not yet clear whether legendary producer Nizzle will also be involved.

Details of the track listing and any possible live dates are still firmly under wraps, but Pouring Beans has been granted an exclusive look at the album art, and we can also reveal the title of the EP is to be “Space for an Ace”.

Space for an Ace cover

Obviously we’ll bring you more news as this thrilling story develops.

12 comments on “Album art

  • I approve and endorse this wholeheartedly.

    Is there any news on Nizzle yet? I do hope he’s involved, although his recent work with Shifty Grimezz felt distinctly like he was phoning it in.

  • I haven’t heard anything about Nizzle. I don’t know about his involvement with Shifty Grimezz, but I’m pretty certain he’s producing the debut album by Phoning It In. Perhaps that means he won’t have time to work with The Rapples.

  • I heard a rumour that Nizzle was abroad after his hefting schedule in the first part of this year and has been seen stretching some weasels on the French coast.

  • Yes, that’s ‘hefting’ schedule and not ‘hefty’ schedule.

  • I like the fact that he raised the max to a more maxier level.

    I can remember when the max was this high *points*

  • Oh, those were the days. One of the drawbacks of Nizzle’s incredible work is that nowadays I don’t feel like the max is in my reach. Back then I felt like maybe one day I’d reach the max. I’m not sure I ever will now.

  • Of course you will. Why, if there’s one person capable of hitting the max, maybe not the modern max but the max circa 1999, then it’s you.

  • But that’s exactly it. The max of the late 90s was within the reach of us all. Since Nizzle started cranking it aloft I’ve suffered this terrible malaise where the max is concerned.

  • I think when it comes to the max there’s always going to be more max. Whether or not you can reach it isn’t the question, it’s how much max you want…


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