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I’ve got all my posts for August still to go if I want to earn a bean. I’m going to do them all this week while I’m on nights. Four nights. Four posts. Let’s go.

Here we see a seagull enjoying some lunch. On our right, we can see a falafel wrap with extra garlic sauce. On the left is a pot of hummus. Note how the seagull is having some of the wrap, and then dipping in to the hummus as an accompaniment. The seagull is a sophisticated diner who understands Middle Eastern cuisine.

The seagull finds the wrap delightful, with a crispy bite to the freshly made falafel and a good crunchy salad that adds texture and freshness. The pickles are sharp and bring out the other flavours, but never overpower them. The wrap comes with chilli sauce and garlic sauce, but for him an extra shake of garlic is what’s needed to round out the flavours.

The seagull is also enjoying the hummus, but was slightly let down when he found that this side dish was literally just a bowl of hummus without crudités or bread for dipping. The dip itself is enjoyable but is very heavy on the tahini and would benefit from stronger seasoning. He can tell it was made with a quality olive oil.

Overall the seagull is pleased with his lunch, and at £7.50 plus drinks he finds it hard to complain about either the food or the service in this fast-moving street eatery. He awards it four stars. He then flies away to see if he can crap on some tourists.

9 comments on “Seagull food review

  • This is how I always eat; you have two meals (plates, bowls, whatever) and then you go between the two crimsonly. That way you in case the worst does happen and you find yourself with food on one side, you have some more on the other.

  • Crimsonly? You go between two meals dark redly? You divide your time between two plates in a fashion that is maroon in colour?

  • I once had a volume of food that was equivalent to two meals at a hotel breakfast buffet. I would describe myself as green afterwards. Was I doing it wrong?

  • Agreed. The correct strategy for a breakfast buffet is to manage the volume of food you eat so that you can fit in four courses before you’re completely stuffed.

    My ideal itinerary goes:
    1. Cooked breakfast (minimum bacon, sausage, egg, beans)
    2. Toast with jam, plus ideally other spreads
    3. Pancakes or waffles with any available combination of butter, syrup, nutella or jam
    4. Fruit with yogurt

    This all to be accompanied by at least two cups of coffee and one glass of every available fruit juice, except grapefruit juice, which is rank.

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