Avatar This Way Up: Episode 3

Can it really be true? Is this what we have all been waiting for? Will it save mankind?

Well, thank you for asking. The answers to your enquiries are yes, yes and no, in that order. And if your next question is “I don’t remember asking these questions, what exactly are we talking about?” then the answer to that question is This Way Up episode 3!

If you don’t want to look at this page while you listen to it, you can always download it.

20 comments on “This Way Up: Episode 3

  • I asked all those questions, but I did so whilst looking at a picture of a squirrel with a nose.

    This is everything I could’ve hoped for and more. Come awards season, it’s almost literally in the bag. In our bag. Mine is a hand-woven hessian bitch of a number.

  • That’s swish. My mum would call it “snazzy”. Big Dave would refer to it as “very nice”. Kevin would look at it for a while and then try to cement it to the side of his house.

  • Nah… I’m done cementing. I might put it in a draw though and forget about it for 3 months.

  • You can’t add anymore to this post. We decided my comment was the end of this particular strand. You need to stop that now.

  • Yes. You do. Months go by without you being here at all, and then when you do turn up you have no manners. I have a good mind to tut loudly in another room.

  • I would, WOULDN’T I?

    (Does anyone else think the word WOULD in capitals looks all wrong?)


    (I didn’t at first but then I wrote it again and my mind literally exploded. It’s as wrong as wronger)


    (It’ll be exciting to find out what an exclamation mark instead of a question mark does to the flow of this kind of thing.)

  • What’s he doing? You don’t throw an exclamation mark into the mix. I mean what is this, a 1975 Mercedes SL?

  • I don’t know. I’m hoping someone commissions a new series titled “Things This Comment Thread Is Not” so we can clear up questions like that.

  • This Comment Thread Is Not… #1: An unopened set of original Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Figures.

  • I wish I had some of those sweet, sweet babies. Imagine the dividends. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before. I feel grown up.

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