Avatar Jolly Good: everybody likes a Creme Egg

I said I’d bring you good news in these dark times and I jolly well will. The “jolly good” series continues with a tale of more free food.

It wasn’t a good easter for supermarkets and other food retailers. Near where I work, the food hall of a big department store remained open throughout the present mess, because it sold essential groceries, but as it wasn’t being visited by tourists and families any more, and as its customers were mainly just trying to buy food to help them survive, they didn’t sell all the chocolate they’d ordered in.

Now, if you go there, they are literally giving away chocolate at the exit, in an effort to shift it before it goes off.

Today, one of my colleagues headed out from work, explained that my department are all still working in central London, and that we’d be happy to help out with their problem. The food hall’s delighted manager couldn’t load him up with free chocolates fast enough.

We now have this.

The “this” in question is, at a rough estimate, more than 500 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, plus a random assortment of whatever other Easter eggs and other things were lying around the storeroom.

I have eaten several Creme Eggs today, and I feel a bit sick. But in a good way.

19 comments on “Jolly Good: everybody likes a Creme Egg

  • If I were you, I’d put three in my mouth at the same time: one in the left cheek, one in the right and one in the middle on the tongue. You’d have so much goodness in your face at the same time you may evaporate into another dimension.

  • I suggested we all have a competition to see who could fit the most Creme Eggs in our mouth, but I’m glad nobody else wanted to take part, otherwise I and the whole of my department might have evaporated into another dimension. And THEN where would we be?

  • YOU’D be in another dimension but the BBC would be up shinola creek without a shinola paddle because there’d be nobody to… wait, what is it you do again? Productioning? Button polishing?

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (what?)

    Do you still have start-up at the BBC? Not moved to WiFi yet? That’s a shame but it’s important to remember where you came from so you know where you’re going. Dialing start-up is still relevant in these dark times.

  • What’s “start-up”? Do you mean the popular breakfast cereal Start? If so, then no, we don’t have that at work.

  • The Licence Fee covers a multitude of sins therefor it should also include Multi-Grain Start. Do you remember the petition about Monty Don? We need one to get your some MG Start in your face.

    (it’s a good job I managed to skirt around the fact that I couldn’t remember what dial-up was called, phew!)

  • Yes, that was seamless, and led to an interesting conversation about breakfast cereals that I only vaguely remember ever eating.

  • You have to say it in brackets or my pride will be hurt that I didn’t do what I thought I did.

    Come on Chris you have feelings, you should know all of this.

  • Voles are very small so they only have space to contain feelings for:
    – fields of wheat
    – Lord Vole, the omnipotent vole deity
    – other voles
    – Kellogg’s Multigrain Start

  • Fair enough. You can’t argue with nature and if you tried they would send you away to the river bells (?) and nobody would ever see you again.

    At least there’s room for Kellogg’s Multigrain Start.

  • You can’t argue with nature, no. At best you can attempt to bargain with nature but you’d better be prepared to make some heavy concessions because nature doesn’t back down. Nature’s a winner. Ask any vole.

  • I’d ask you but you’re a little biased. You’re also a little vole and I keep almost standing on you when I’m boiling the kettle.

    Chris, will you PLEASE make your presence more felt when I’m in the kitchen. I’m going to buy you a vole klaxon.

  • I can feel a couple of inventions coming your way.

    I best get my singing voice in order before I start on the blueprints.

    “AHEM! Cough cough, this is a GOOD invention…”

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