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Over the years, our various Film Production Companies – Constantly Falling ProductionsAl and Chris ProductionsChris Productions and the world famous Pouring Beans Productions – have turned out one classic movie hit after another. But talk amongst fans often turns to the story, told in hushed tones around camp fires late at night, that there is another film that was made but never released because Al lost it.

Well, those stories are true, and what’s more, Al has found the missing film under a selection of gentlemen’s art pamphlets in his attic. For the first time in a decade, Al n Chris’s Big Day Out has been unearthed. It’s a thrilling story of teleportation, time travel and evil twins.

Obviously I can’t post it here ahead of its Leicester Square premiere, but I have chosen a short clip from the pre-titles part of the film that shows what an incredible find it really is. In the space of just 24 seconds, this clip contains brilliant acting, exciting CGI graphics, a powerful original musical score and some nudity. Enjoy!

17 comments on “A lost classic

  • I think the opening disclaimer should be amended to state that it is male nudity and more specifically your male nudity that dominates this brief clip.

  • Now you say the word “pleasant” but I believe a more accurate word would be “unpleasant” or “crypto-fant”.

  • You’re remarkably uncomfortable with this, considering how much you like offering to lift your skirt for other people.

  • Ian’s skirt lifting ways have nothing on how snazzy those graphics are.

  • They’re pretty amazing. They come on and you’re thinking “woah, bubbles!”. Then the “Al n Chris” bit goes wobbling all over the place like a drunk gigolo, and you’re all “no way!”. Then suddenly, when you think it can’t get any better, “Big Day Out” inexplicably spins around for no apparent reason.

    We won’t see the like of those again. Not in our lifetimes.

  • And that thought makes me sad inside. I’m glad such a classic has been dusted off.

  • None of this is making me want to lift any part of my clothing.

  • Well that’s something. Maybe we should put those graphics on a flash card in case you ever get tempted.

  • You’re just jealous that I can pull off a skirt. I bet you’re also jealous that I could pull off a duck-billed platypus.

  • I would quite happily pull of a komodo dragon (although my phone preferred to call it a kimono deagon) given the correct tools.

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