Avatar ABOFB 25: Racehorses

In another longer-than-usual episode, chris poses an excellent question about racehorses which leads us down many an interesting path. Its also the catalyst for our first ever ‘Bonus Episode’!

Listen in close as we discuss:

  • Names for horses
  • Names for cats
  • The Queen Mother
  • Riding all the horses

Bonus Episode: Can Donkey Swim in River?
The big question raised in this episode was “can donkeys swim”? Chris found ‘an’ answer online. This is that answer, complete with much giggling.

8 comments on “ABOFB 25: Racehorses

  • I haven’t listened to either of these yet, but I am thrilled by the idea of a bonus episode. I can’t wait.

    But I will wait, because I’m not going to listen to it today.

  • This was lovely. I’d totally forgotten that I had asked a completely random question about naming racehorses and Ian had unexpectedly just got an answer ready and waiting. It makes me wonder what other totally random questions I could ask that you actually have answers ready-made for.

  • It absolutely is. Like all of them. It’s very unfair that we are so unappreciated in our own time. I expect widespread public mania about our work will only happen after we’re dead, which is a shame, because I’d rather like to be able to pose for my own statue rather than just be reconstructed from photographs.

  • If you go first, mate, I’ll ensure that they stick you in the right position: sat on that bloody chair and footstool you never shut up again, possibly stroking a horse and reaching for a bottle of gin from your massive drinks cabinet.

  • That’s so beautiful. How did you know?

    Ideally the chair and footstool will be on top of the horse, but see what the sculptor reckons will look best when it’s installed in Trafalgar Square.

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