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Back in Bridlington, we invested significant amounts of money on the 2p machines in the arcades on the seafront. Ian and myself only walked away with angst and a lesson about the dangers of gambling, but Kev was quite successful, winning a whole range of worthless items.

But Kev is kind and charitable, so he gave me one of his prizes – a bright blue figurine of what might be a turtle, but might not, with one of its arms missing. This, he said, was to be presented to Kate, and photos were to be taken of the ceremony in which she was given this prestigious gift.

Months have gone by since then, while I waited for the perfect moment. But now the time is right. Earlier today, I approached Kate as she enjoyed some relaxing downtime to break the good news and officially award her this prize.

Kate hasn’t yet told me where she’ll be displaying her prize, but I’ll let you know in due course.

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  • I have to be honest with you, I’m not 100% sure how much Kate is up for that. She hasn’t put the awful blue figurine on display anywhere yet.

  • That’s because she’s looking for the perfect place. You don’t want to rush it and put it somewhere you’ll hate forever and accidentally break it so then you have to force your boyfriend to go back to Bridlington to get a second one.

  • You’re right. We just need to give her time. I expect it’ll have pride of place soon enough. It is, after all, a devastatingly beautiful item.

  • Has it not always been the shoe/road room? Was it the road/shoe room until now?

    Also, why is Kate getting out of a shower completely dry? Is this how you two dress when going about your housely business? I bet it is.

  • We’ve been going round like a couple of absolute plonkers calling it the “split room” until now. Neither of us had ever hit on the much more catchy name “shoe/road room”, complete with the slash spoken out loud. It’s a big hit here in France.

  • That makes me think that your will has no information about how your belongings should be divided up among your friends and family, and instead is just a long document full of self-aggrandising statements and overblown anecdotes about yourself.

  • There’s a part of me that finds it genuinely admirable that Ian keeps writing all these books when he knows that nobody will ever read them and all they will ever be is smoke and ashes. But I’d find it more admirable if he just avoided writing them in the first place.

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