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Sunday has been a funny ole’ sod.

After a week lying about and not doing much in the Lake District, we had to come back and face the reality of everything once again. This happened on Friday and after catching up on chores and putting some food back into the fridge I decided to go back over to Vikki’s house so we could collectively bury our heads in the sand together and pretend Monday wasn’t coming our way.

We opted for a local walk nearby rather than driving somewhere. About ten minutes in we were going past a secondary school when we noticed the shape of an animal shuffling in the distance. At first it looked like a cat but it was too big for that. It was a dog. A car turned around at the end of the street and then drove back in our direction. Once this distraction was out the way the dog looked at us, gave a friendly bark and started lolloping towards us.

What do you do with what appears to be a stray dog? I didn’t know and neither did Vikki so I looked up some websites and they advised to contact the Council. The Council, yeah, the ones that don’t operate on a weekend because they’re closed. They claimed to have a 24 hour line to call but I couldn’t find a number to call. With nothing left to do we gently coaxed the dog to come back with us so we could formulate a plan.

The dog was very domesticated and seemed quite old. She would follow and stop at the side of the road when necessary. She was naturally curious as all dogs are but not to the degree where she would run off to the nearest interesting smell or run into someone’s garden to take a pee. Walking a dog without a lead is risky. Walking an unknown dog without a lead is madness and not something I would recommend to anyone.

After some food, water and a bath, Eloise, a name I gave her, seemed a lot happier. We tried taking her round to Vikki’s parent’s house because they have a bigger garden however they were going away that afternoon so her mum put some photos up on FacePlace in the hope of finding the owner through the local dog pages (see, “locco doggo paggo”). There was nothing much else we could do so I said my goodbyes and headed on my way. As I got in my car I noticed a truck that didn’t look like it belonged to any of the neighbours and saw the man heading round to the front. As I drove past, Vikki’s door was open and the man was talking to her. I knew what was happening so quickly parked and went over.

It would appear as though Eva, for ’twas her real name, a mere thirteen years old, had managed to uncharacteristically escape from the garden and got a bit lost. Their house was down the road from where we had found her. The owner was very pleased to know she was okay after seeing the pictures Vikki’s mum had posted and rushing over as soon as they found out. Eva said goodbye and thus ended the dogventure.

9 comments on “Dogventure

  • What credentials did the dog collector bring to verify that they were Eloise’s real family? I’m pretty sure you should have kept her. A free dog! Who could refuse?

  • Someone was very keen to keep the dog (no names will be mentioned). I was less enthused but would have done what was necessary to look after her because she was so pleasant.

  • One of these days you’ll decide you want a dog, and then you’ll have a look at what they cost on Amazon and you’ll discover to your mounting horror that, even with a Black Friday deal, the prices are still incredibly steep. And then, my friend – only then – then you will rue the day you passed up on a free dog.

  • If you really want to, you can still get them from Argos, but it’ll cost more than the Amazon ones and it’ll be noticeably more shit.

  • You can’t forget the tiny pens because even if you do, you’ve already walked out of the shop with your goods and you’ve hidden it in your pocket because subconsciously you wanted it.

  • Exactly. But then it leaks in your pocket, because you’ll forget it’s there and it’s very small and it doesn’t have a lid, and then you’ve got an inky pocket.

    And that’s how they REALLY get you.

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