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Last week I was shocked to discover a seagull shopping for carpets

The agony of choice…

I watched for a while but eventually had to return to work. By the time I left he still hadn’t decided which shade of grey he wanted. Who knows how long he was stood there.

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  • My bet is on him choosing the grey one just to the left of that brown one. He’s standing in front of it. If he was still choosing, he’d be walking up and down, but he’s not. He’s sticking with that one. I think he’s waiting for an assistant to come and offer him some fitting dates.

  • It just goes to show that, if you’re a gull, you need a personal shopper.

    It reminds me of something my dad always used to say: “if you’re a gull, you need a personal shopper”.

  • Big Frank possess the most wisest of words. If it’s marketable perhaps I could run a side business as a gull’s personal shopper. I like birds, I’m happy to go shopping, this sounds like it could work.

  • It’s definitely worth a crack. Make sure you always have a few carrier bags on you, so they know you’re serious about it, and don’t be afraid to chuck in a few suggestions of your own, like “what about some millet as well as your usual seed mix?”

  • I’ve got a system for plastic bags so I’ve always got one on me at all times.

    I wouldn’t want to be days into my new job as a gull personal shopper and be bagless. That’s the kiss of death.

  • Woah there, mate, that sounds way beyond me, mate. You need to stop there before I get totally lost in it all, mate.

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