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I’ve been working where I work for a long time. Years. Maybe hundreds of years. I can’t remember.

Anyway, the delightful thing about working here is that I’m still discovering new things. The other day, for example, I went into a room I’m sure I’ve visited countless times before, but I noticed something new. Something important.

I found my box.

8 comments on “Marshall Box

  • Did you unscrew it and put something inside? It needs a small version of your public art sticking to the back of the cover if nothing else.

  • I wouldn’t fit. Not yet. But I’ve started my Box Diet and I’ll be box-fit in three months. In the box for Christmas, that’s the plan.

  • Christmas Day. Chris is nowhere to be found. Kate finds a box in the middle of the living room (adjacent to the globe drinks cabinet). She opens it and finds Chris there, tiny and placed inside a lovely box. This means she can now put him away on the shelf whenever she’s done with him.

  • I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t my dream. Ideally, the box would have little wheels so I could be driven around the carpet like a toy car, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

  • Whittle myself some wheels? I’m up for that. I’ll slice a tree down to a set of rustic castors in no time.

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