Avatar A Question of Geography – how French is Chris?

When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar. This riddle has nothing to do with today’s topic but I wanted to open with something a little different.

Chris moved down South ages ago, decades even. People cannot place exactly when he disappeared to be a Big Man in a Big Pond yet there is irrefutable evidence that it did happen because he’s not here anymore. When faced with the facts, everything becomes facts. He then decided to move even further South, something that nobody expected was possible. In fact he moved so far South that there are now reports that he’s no longer in this country. So exactly how French is Chris?

We all know that Chris can speak the language and has been to France several times in his life. On more than one occasion I have witnessed him holding an onion, not necessarily a string of onions around his neck but still it’s a layer of proof. Even though he was playing a character there is a section of ‘Newsboost’ where he dons a beret and speaks in a French account (whilst holding a pipe, probably a French pipe) gesturing wildly with his hands between shots. An eye witness has confirmed that this was entirely Chris’ idea during the planning stages of the production.

All this is pointing to the fact that prior to his move, Chris was already French or in the process of turning into French. The move to Bordon (which sounds suspiciously similar to Bordeaux) merely accelerated this, increasing his love for cheese and wine.

You may argue that this is no longer a case of geography and is more to do with psychology; the psychological changes that Chris is undertaking should be the topic of this post. I would argue back (in a louder voice, preferably looking at you with one stern eye) that there was the possibility of Chris returning to normal had he remained in his hole in London. The Frenchness of a person is immediately halted when placed around the most English of places and we all know how English London is. All that Cockney was keeping it at bay and would have continued to do so.

Whatever you choose to believe, the latest statistics from scientists have suggested that a whopping 79% of Chris is French and we all know that once you cross that risky 70% mark there is no going back. You may as well hop on a bicycle and precariously carry some baguettes down a cobbled street whilst mumbling under your breath. We may no longer have the same Chris as we once did so we can only make do with the one we have now. Remember the Plymouth lady who suffered a stroke and afterwards could only speak in Chinese? It’s nothing like that.

12 comments on “A Question of Geography – how French is Chris?

  • Malgré l’énorme quantité de recherches scientifiques qui ont clairement éclairé cet article, il y a quelque chose qui ne va pas ici. Quand j’aurai compris de quoi il s’agit, je vous le ferai savoir.

  • Possiblement. Aussi, je pense que la femme de Plymouth qui parle Chinoise après son AVC est quelque chose comme ça. Je ne sais pourquoi, mais je suis certain que c’est vrai.

  • Alors, Newcastle est-elle aussi moins anglaise que Londres ? Si je vis en France, peut-être que vous vivez en Islande.

  • Your first sentence is a lie, betrayed by your second sentence. You understood every word. If you want further proof, this is written in French too, but your understanding is so good that you think it’s English.

  • And the stripes. Don’t forget those. You could get a stripey jumper, but a true Frenchman just has them tattooed across his torso.

  • That will do for a start, I suppose. Some true Frenchpeople might notice and suspect you for a Belgianman, but that’s the risk you take.

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