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If you go to one of the Thai restaurants in Crystal Palace (we’ve got loads of them) you will find them picking up on Kev’s latest business venture, which is brewing a fine, light and refreshing beer with his name on it.


Mr Chang’s is clearly a popular choice with customers here and we wish him the best of luck in this new endeavour.

7 comments on “Mr Chang’s Tasty Wares

  • So THAT’S why he’s always too busy to post on here. It’s nowt to do with pulling up carpets and plastering toilets. It all makes sense!

  • I think all the building work was to turn his house into a brewery. It makes sense now. The two elephants, of course, represent his journey from being a humble poodle groomer to an upstanding brewer, as in the famous ancient Fable of the Brewing Elephants.

  • Come to think of it, the last time I was over there was a strange smell in the air, it was a lot warmer and everyone was wearing beer-brewing equipment. I’m surprised I didn’t put two with two and then another two on top together.

    I love the ancient Fable of the Brewing Elephants.

  • He hides the brewing well. All the vats and pipework and everything is carefully concealed under the vast and well-buffed network of skirting boards and soffits that he spent most of this year installing.

  • There’s a brewing well? Is that how the beer retains its crispness even during the warm summer months?

    You love the word ‘soffits’. I’ve noticed this with my… EYES.

  • So THAT’S what he’s put in that new room of his just off the dining room under the stairs. He keeps mentioning it but I’ve not been in it yet so I can’t confirm either way.

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