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As promised, please see the premier pre-birth certificate for Mr Menendez and his lovely wife’s new child, expected soon.

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  • It’s so good to get this officially nailed down in advance. I’m now having a load of personalised merch made up with the new kid’s name printed on it in full. Clothes, furniture, pets, you name it.

  • Now that it’s official everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief. The name is decided so we can all move on with our lives.

  • Excellent. It feels like we’ve saved Kev and Sarah a very big job here. I’m sure they’ll be on here soon to thank us, and perhaps send us celebratory hampers full of delicious foodstuffs and expensive wines.

  • Expensive wines. Nothing but the best.

    Imagine if this was a business and how much we would help the indecisive world with our naming of other people’s kids. For money.

    Also, expensive wines.

  • Yes. Just imagine. A business that would pay no tax, because its income would be entirely in celebratory hampers and expensive wines.

    That’s definitely how that works.

  • Businesses work like that. I know this because I once briefly visited the companies house website, therefore I am a business mogul. It could be my next job once I’m done being a trend setter / fashionista.

    Also, expensive wines.

  • Here’s some ‘wine’ to show our deep and heartfelt thanks.

  • Please can I place on record my heartfelt ‘thanks’.

  • Which one do you want, Chris? I would prefer the manky red but I’m passive aggressive enough to let you choose first.

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