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Hey you, yes you, what’s up with you? Why do you smell so bad? It’s summer and you’ve got the sweats real bad. I could smell you from the other side of the room. So could all those other people who have now left because they couldn’t stand the smell.

I don’t mean to be completely judgemental but you need to sort yourself out and pretty quick. What you need is one of Kevindo Menendez’s new roll-ons:

Collage 2017-07-27 09_44_33

The new range of roll-ons features fragrances and flavours not available on the current market, until now! You could very easily get one that smells like a dirty beach or a dank shower curtain but haven’t you always wanted to smell like a sausage roll? Or a spring roll? Or, for those with a sweet tooth, the confusingly titled roll-on jam roly-on poly-on? Kevindo Menendez has raised the bar when it comes to personal hygiene and you can be part of his roll-on revolution!

Get one now!

The Kevindo Menendez range features the following:

  • Sausage roll
  • Spring roll
  • Salmon spring roll
  • Jam roly poly
  • Bread rolls
  • And many more still to come…

In stores now. Kevindo Menendez; a family company.

6 comments on “Roll on with the Roll-On

  • Does the jam-on roly-poly role-pole on-pon leave actual jam in your armpits? Because if it doesn’t I’m not buying it and I’m leaving a negative review on Amazon.

  • It doesn’t leave jam, it leaves jam scented gel that clings to your armpits and makes you smell like a donut.

  • You see you, right, I’m gonna tell you what I told Eamonn Holmes:

    “Just because you think you’re Terry Wogan doesn’t mean that you are Terry Wogan.”

  • Not completely sure though? Oh dear, classic Wogananobra.

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