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It didn’t even have a title until I sat down to scan it in, and now here it is: the book recording possibly our most chaotic and disrupted silly weekend away together, the time that you were both supposed to see my new house and instead we all went to Portsmouth, except I wasn’t even in Portsmouth for some of the time.

Still, this one is an absolute joy to peruse. Among many other things, you can delight yourself with:

  • Wabs McKenzie in the “snuggle hole”
  • Hat-a-boat
  • How boats really work
  • Tad Kensington and his “unique process”
  • Ian in da Club (covered in monocles)
  • Chris sings the Backstreet Boys
  • Mildren

You can either try to remember it in vivid detail, or you can cheat by visiting our Books page.

13 comments on “Southseeing not Southdoing

  • It was also perfect bank holiday reading for me, since I scanned it in so quickly that I didn’t read any of it at the time. I assume there’ll be another bank holiday around the time Kev reads it.

  • I did, but I expect he won’t see it until next year some time.

    Wait… he’s commented on the post before this. Erm. Nothing! I didn’t say anything.

  • That’s the way, right enough. Start at the top and work your way through, commenting on everything until you’re so far in the past that you can’t remember what anyone’s talking about. That’s the chude that Kev is missing.

  • It’s the approach I’ve always had and it’s never done me wrong. Sometimes not remembering what part of the conversation is / was develops a new one and thus the cycle of life carries on.

  • Those are the best ones. Then, years later, you stumble on it again for an unrelated reason and find the most deliriously nonsensical conversation. Thank god WE understand what’s important in this world.

  • It could, for sure, but we are highly trained experts, and this only feels like tossing off something with the lowest possible effort and engagement because we are so incredibly skilful and brilliant.

  • The calendar still makes me laugh when I remember all the things I had forgotten. Mostly what I have said but other things too. Incredibly skilful and brilliant, that we are (?)

  • The calendar is great for that. A constant drip-feed of stupid, trivial things we did a long time ago. Remembering is fun.

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