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Rejoice! The Book, bane of the Beans for nine long years, is finished! Now a prestigious company (Pouring Beans Publishing) has rushed out a massive print run (three copies) to an eager and very excited audience (us). It may henceforth be referred to by its title, The Magic Star, or by its actual real genuine ISBN number, 978-1-38-934293-6, or just as “The Book” which is what we’ve been calling it since January 2009.

If reading the actual book is not enough, you can now also read it online, a bit like a modern e-book on a Kindle or something, except it’s just a PDF on the website. It is here in our vastly underused Things section.


9 comments on “The Book

  • “This could very well be the time.”

    I typed that last night and never finished it. It’s not the best comment I’ve ever made but it’s also not the worst.

  • The nice thing about that is that you could have written it under any post at more or less any time and it would have been vaguely appropriate. Well done.

  • It’s the vaguest comment yet. Can I have an award? Is there such an award that I can have?

    I can be vaguer if that would help.

  • I think the most appropriate award in the circumstances would be the “Possibly The Best Thingy Award”, which is given to the unspecified thing that might be the best. It’s about as vague as they come. The winner gets a sort of trophy medal thing with something or other inscribed on it, possibly.

  • That sounds literally the thing or things I was hoping for. I would like to put myself forward for winning that or something else.

    This could very well be the time.


  • Nice. The perfect acceptance speech for a Vague Award. I reckon that’s probably in the bag. You should prepare your speech for whenever the ceremony is or something.

  • I’m going to have it engraved on a lovely plaque for myself and put it at the top of the stairs, and refuse to explain it to anyone if they ask.

  • Is it literally just going to be at the top of the stairs? That’s going to trip people up. They’ll hate that.

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