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Good news! For decades now, the rise of the computer age has seen the machines slowly automating one tedious task after another, freeing up the human race for higher and nobler pursuits, like watching reality TV or arguing about which Pokemon is best.

In the 1950s they took over actual computing. In the 1980s they started making cars. Now, the computers have finally been trained on an arduous task that has been filling up too much time in every man, woman and child’s life. The computers have been taught how to make their own memes.

You can visit the magical automatic artificial intelligence Meme Generator here, trained on thousands upon thousands of carefully hand-crafted human memes. Now it churns out random memey words onto the top 48 meme backgrounds at the push of a button. Bliss.

Here are four I turned out without having to lift a finger. See what you come up with.

17 comments on “The computers are taking over

  • I’m afraid to use the machine in case one of the memes comes out with one of our pictures. That would be a stark and scary moment in anyone’s life. What if I’m a meme?

  • You’re not a meme. I once tried writing sarcastic words across you in chunky white letters and it didn’t work. You just got quite cross.

  • I did. That was a good day.

    Do you remember in ‘The Day Today’ where the cartoonist did live, real satirical cartoons? Maybe I should do that but with memes.

  • When all of this cock and bull is over with I’m taking it on the road.

    Two hours of live action memes. I’ll call it ‘Meme-mento: Remembering to Laugh’. It’ll be a one-man meme extravaganza or meme-stravaganza. Does that scan? It has to go on the poster if it scans.

  • I don’t think it does scan, no. You’d be better advised to call it “very amusememe” or something like that.

  • I’ll let the boys down in the grin yard (?) words out the finer points of the advertising. All I’m here to do is bring in the punters and bring them in I will. Everyone loves a good meme.

    Slice of meme for the lady? Don’t mind if I do.

  • A slice of meme in the grin yard where the boys are letting it all hang down? I can’t imagine anything filthier. You disgust me, in a way that I find very pleasing.

  • All of that makes perfect sense. In fact I will make a point of not letting people in who don’t understand it. That will sort the wheat from the chaff, the raffriff from the riffraff, the four-wide from the six-wide.

  • When you sort the fourwide from the sixwide, have the sixwide fall through a trapdoor into a piranha tank, like something from a Bond villain’s lair.

  • Now you’re cupping the warm mug of frivolity.

    I’m going to cover the trapdoor up with a beautiful rub made of hessian weave the likes of which you have never seen before, with reds and greens, and golden thread bounding up and down like an excitable Labrador.

    The trapdoor will be some flimsy B & Q effort that I’ll crack off one afternoon.

  • Based on your current living arrangements I sincerely doubt that you’re missing out on a beautiful rub.



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