Avatar What Became of Miss McGee?

Crystal Palace’s most famous resident (possibly), Bum Chin Bollock Neck McGee, has left Church Road for pastures new.

A new resident has already moved in. I don’t know her name. Perhaps you do?

Church Road's new tenant

14 comments on “What Became of Miss McGee?

  • She’s futuristic, sexy and looks like she has an unusual name.


  • We created something and it came alive? How worrying. What else could we do this with? Do we need to put it in a song before it comes alive?

  • Well Chris can draw anything he wishes. Look at that t-shirt he made for you a couple of years ago.

    Ah crap, that makes me Dennis.

  • I think it does. This makes me a bit scared to make any sort of noise in case it suddenly comes to life. Imagine if I did an impression of a dinosaur and then a stegosaurus turned up on Church Road. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

  • It definitely bears thinking about. You could sing about the fact that I own a lovely Lamborghini for example.

  • That would never be a good concept for a song, unless it was being driven by a bowl of ramen wearing some Elton John glasses…

  • I’d probably sing about me finding extra money in my bank account that I didn’t know was there, to be honest. I can’t see how a song about you owning some obscure Italian thing, I guess a weird shape of pasta or something, would have any appeal to anyone.

  • Kev does love his pasta, from his brief spell as Kevindo Menendez.

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself. See? Doesn’t it feel good to add unnecessary endings to words to improve them?

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