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I received the birthday parcel. I recorded a video of me opening the parcel. I tried half a dozen times to upload the video and the bon of a sitch website wouldn’t let me. It kept getting to either 80% or 93% and then it would stop.

I am going to keep trying however for now you will have to make do with the “amazing” thumbnail I have made.

What a marvel.

13 comments on “Youtube promo fail

  • Uploading videos to the Beans is a fool’s errand. It wants them in a weird specific format understood only by Bill Gates and Gandhi. Bung it on YouTube is my advice, YouTube is a right old tart that’ll accept any video you throw at it.

    If you ask Kev nicely he’ll give you access to upload it to the Beans YouTube channel.

  • This is excellent, and if you ever upload it somewhere we can see the video in all its mysterious glory.

  • It’s been in the works for a solid two weeks now, so when this video does finally turn up it’s going to be amazing.

  • It’s short for bovines. It’s not worth the bovines. As in, don’t bother trading any of your herd of prize Angus cattle for it, because it wouldn’t represent good value.

  • Kate quite likes it, and good for her, I say. For my part I politely refuse to engage with it, and if Bovril tries to start a conversation I pretend that I’m taking an urgent phone call.

  • There was a lady at work some time ago who loved it and, in a bid to sway me, gave me a sachet of it so I could enjoy it too. To my discredit I never used that sachet because the idea of a hot, beefy drink does not sit well with me.

  • Ah, no, in our house it is never made in to a hot beefy drink. That way trouble lies. No, it gets used as a sort of extremely savoury spread. Like marmite, but beefier.

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