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Hello, sorry to interrupt the usual nonsense, but I think I’ve had a great idea, and I’ve called it ArtDisc.

Or at least I think I have, I don’t think I’ve stolen the idea, I think I had it. It’s quite simple, but I’ll break it down anyway:

  1. Everyone in the UK who owns a car right now probably owns a Tax Disc Holder due to the (until recent) need for everyone who owns a car right now to display a Tax Disc.
  2. We no longer need to display a Tax Disk in our cars anymore here in the UK.
  3. In a sad kind of way, I quite like my Tax Disc Holder, and I don’t want to throw it away or put it in a drawer to be throw away in a few years when I have a tidy out.
  4. Why don’t we all put something else in out Tax Disc Holders?
  5. ART! A photo, a picture your kids drew, a cut down post card with the Mona Lisa on it, whatever.
  6. We’d have a nationwide, free to enter, democratically curated national art gallery.

Are you with me?

I like the idea so much, I’ve already made it a website: www.artdisc.co.uk

If you like it too, will you help me push it all over the interwebs and things so that other people might join in?

Any suggestions welcome.

5 comments on “An actual sensible idea… ArtDisc

  • I like lots of things including such varying articles as candy floss, chilli doritos and wet magnets. I’m still deciding about “this”; it doesn’t smell particularly good.

  • Looking at who has followed the twitter account so far, the idea seems to be big in Birmingham.

  • Birmingham loves a tax disc. And as you know, the West Midlands are my fashion barometer. I’m right behind this. Let’s go.

  • Birmingham loves big ideas. In fact Big Ideas is Birmingham’s middle name. It’s just a shame they’ve been lacking one for so long but now… now you’ve put the ball back in their court.

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