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Even with all this time, or well now that I’m back at work this time where I’m not out running rampant like I normally would pre-lockdown, I still seem to find myself in this position most months of being on the cusp of four posts and not quite being able to find the last one.

I had several ideas which will no doubt appear next month once I have had a chance to actually do some research or, at least, download the pictures so it’s not one massive block of text with me pointing at things that aren’t there. I suppose that could work though, slightly less absorbing than an empty space where a post should be.

I was even going to drum up some thrills for a new caption completion. Alas, by not going anywhere or doing anything there are no strange photos in my phone for me to pass off as my own efforts. So let me fill up this with a couple of shout outs:

  • Happy Birthday, Kev. I hope you realise that we have now known each other for 24 years. Once our friendship reaches the big 25 we may have to do something special like flying into space or getting drunk on a park at 11pm. Your choice.
  • We’re smooshing into the second half of the year and my work colleague is already talking about Christmas, mainly because there’s cock all else to look forward to at the moment. It also means there’s only five more months of lovely PB calendar action before we must all return to boring, humdrum calendars that don’t have owls in coffee shops, notebook selfies or any of my book covers.
  • I still need a haircut. I have to get it sorted next week because I’m fast approaching Cousin It from ‘The Addams Family’ level of hair proportions without one. You know how hairy on the go I normally am, this is more like hairy through the window on a jetpack.

If anyone else would like to announce anything please feel free to do so.

11 comments on “Announcements

  • That’s a good idea. I like how efficiently that would use my time. Great. I’m on it. Or rather I will be, in December.

  • I think October is about the average birthdington gift receipt period for me. Chris usually gets his around july/august. Speaking of which, have you had a birthday this year Chris?

  • I have, yes, I’m fairly sure. But I haven’t celebrated until I’ve had my traditional autumn birthday card from you.

  • Don’t believe him. He skipped this year so he could have two next year, double birthdingtons. Don’t fall into the trap and end up giving him THREE cards for TWO years worth of birthdays. And maybe some presents.

  • I’d now like to announce that Kev’s birthday card arrived about a week ago but I haven’t bothered writing it yet.

  • Haven’t you bought a stamp which has all the basic information in it? STAMP, job done, don’t have to think about it until next sodding year. That way you save previous moments by only squiggling out a signature, or you could throw a pen in the general direction of the card if you were rushing.

  • I haven’t, but that’s a smashing idea.

    A pre-inked stamp can have three short lines of text on it, so mine will say:

  • Thanks, mate. Those words were so well chosen and moving that I actually moved myself to tears just writing it.

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