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How lucky are you? I’d say that my luck varies as I’m more likely to get to work through a series of green lights than win a million quid on the lottery. You have to take it as it comes and be patient, luck will eventually come your way.

I was idling through Twitter a few days ago and came across the usual shit post of ‘like this post and you could win a something’ and normally I would scroll past it without giving it a second thought but this time I figured I would give it a go. Click. Done. I look forward to be 57,987th in line to win. More chance of being hit by a falling cow? Great stuff.

A few hours later my phone blips and I’m faced with this:

I have a single moment of elation. One of those, “No way! Me?” moments where you believe all the stars are in alignment and it’s finally happened. Click my heels, oh me oh my, and so on. Then I take a closer look at the message.

It could be a scam. The company has over 86 thousand followers on Twitter. They surely couldn’t get away with doing this every week without someone dragging their name through the mud and kicking them off the platform. Send them 60 bucks and get a free PS5? Sure. It sounds too good to be true. Are they generous? What does it all mean?!?

If I was in the US then I may have considered it, however due to the geographical limitations of being 3000 miles away I had to message them to decline their generous offer. A day or so later I’m scrolling again and they’re at it again; more messages about free PS5s. There’s another the following day. I feel as though I did win, I was the winner, it’s my win and nobody can take it away from me. That said, I am also glad I didn’t send anyone any money. I don’t even need a PS5.

8 comments on “Did a win. Did I win?

  • You absolutely did win. You’ve always been a winner in my eyes, and now the internet sees it too. Probably the best thing to do is take them to court.

  • Start with one and keep appealing until you win, I think that’s the only way. If you play your cards right it could go all the way to The Hague.

  • (They’re still posting about free PS5s)

    William Hague? Is he a judge now? It’s about time, he hasn’t done anything since he lost that election to Bony Tair. Sorry, Tony Blair.

  • I reckon so. Hague will deliver justice to you. I’ve no evidence for that but I don’t see any good reason to rein in my rampant unfounded optimism, on this subject or any other.

  • I think that’s reasonable. You might have to huff on it and polish it up with your sleeve a bit first. Do it quite firmly because he gets ticklish.

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