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Have snacks, will travel.

Having recently been on an excursion to the Czech Republic, there were lots of opportunities to fill my face with various offerings. Almost on every corner was a vendor or some kind of business selling the local delicacy; the chimney cake (or ‘Kürt?skalács’ as Google reliably informs me). It’s a sweetened flaky pastry baked around these hot rods making a little cocoon of joy. You then get to choose what you stuff into the aforementioned cocoon and the most popular choices were cream and strawberries, ice cream and strawberries, strawberries, ice cream, cream, some kind of minty option and any other variation I haven’t mentioned yet. They were/are delicious.

I am here though to speak about another “taste sensation” that came across my way whilst lumbering around in shops. Tell me, have you ever heard of a Corny Big?

Only the cool people call them ‘Corny B’.

No, I hadn’t either up until recently. It is best described as a cereal bar with the minutest of nutritional value, acres of sugar, possibly a full bag per bar, and the kind of chemical taste that you would need three goes from a mouthwash to get rid of. They were/are “delicious”.

I filled up part of the suitcase with a small selection to take back. I didn’t even get all the different flavours too as there were more hiding in other establishments that we were dawdling about in when waiting for a reservation at a restaurant. What stopped me from getting more? I do have some self-restraint sometimes I’ll have you know (someone told me not to go overboard…).

I only hope that there is a relatively cost-effective way of getting them to the UK so I can indulge some more.

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  • The first thing you described, which sounds like a pastry pipe full of delicious, appeals to me very much. I approve of it.

    The second thing you describe is freely available on eBay, though you’d be paying £24.87 for a pack of 8 which my financial advisor tells me is not good value for money.

  • That’s a lot of magic kittens (what I refer to as ‘money’) for very little in the way of anything, especially considering these were being sold for very cheap. You’d be best off booking a flight to Prague and filling up a suitcase or possibly acquiring them by some other means…

  • Could you share the details of a pound minute calculation for a theoretical return trip to Prague specifically to buy Corny B’s? I’m trying to work out whether that’s a better or worse use of my time than just buying them on eBay. So far the only thing I’m certain of is that calculating pound minutes is a poor use of my time.

  • When you get down to the basics, it would cost you about 500 pound minutes in order to get there and back. That’s a rough guess though, if you wanted something more solid then I’d need a few days.

  • I’m happy to give you a few days. Please come back with an accurate calculation, rounded to the nearest 0.25 pound minutes (or 15 pound seconds), by Monday 10 April.

  • I like your thinking. This is serious pound minute maths right here.

    I have, however, missed the deadline. Do you still want to know? I won’t charge you for my time (this time).

  • FYI, you remember that Toffee fee, toffeefee, Toffee o fee, advert you did a post on? I saw it the other day. It’s back doing the rounds. I don’t want to have a go on the mum in it anymore.

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