Avatar Kitty Chang

Last night I met this kitty.

(The photo shows the cat in motion because it didn’t stay still for long.)

I wanted to share this cat with you because it is the first time I have ever met a Chinese cat and what with one of our members being Chinese I thought they might know each other. 

This particular cat lived for the first six years of its life in Beijing, and its owners brought it to London when they moved here. About a year later they moved to a new flat where kitties are not allowed and the Chinese cat was rehomed with my friend Andy.

The cat has a Mandarin name that means “Little Black” and which is very hard to pronounce so these days it is generally addressed as “mate”.

18 comments on “Kitty Chang

  • I was going to ask how he understands what you are saying to him, but them I remembered that hes a cat and he doesn’t care what you are saying to him anyway.

  • Chang bests Chang.
    Chang beat Chang.
    I can see a grudge match approaching…

  • I’m pretty sure Kev has somehow hacked into the internet mainframe to put his comment before mine. The slimy bastard.

  • Chang may change me, but I can’t trace Chang!


  • Now THAT’S a film I’d watch. The space-Chang continuum. So many possibilities.

  • I only wish I could understand it. Think (not Thunk, Ian, despite the fact that you typed it three times) of the gold we’re missing out on. Think of the wonders that elude us.

  • I explained it all yesterday, and then again in 20 years at the anniversary lunch. Weren’t you there?

  • That’s up to Kitty Chang, and unless you can ask him the question in Changnese, you won’t be getting an answer any time soon.

  • Awwww 🙁 sad face #sadface

    Hash tag sad face

    Hash tag # sad face

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