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Don’t you sometimes want to do something a little unorthodox? Don’t you want to live life on the edge? When someone points the finger at you, accusing you of being a boring old fart, don’t you want to hold something up and tell them that they’re wrong?

Don’t you sometimes want to shave a pie?


Reuben and I did. It was a marvellous occasion for all, except the pie, which everyone forgot about and had to be thrown out.

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  • What I hear here is talk of a pie being shaved. What I see here is a pie with some squirty cream on. What I still don’t understand is what the shaving actually involved, or how a pie that had this much attention lavished on it could be forgotten so easily.

  • I was going to re-tell the story of the pie shaving but a lot of my posts recently have been a tad too long so BAM here’s a weird picture and a weird story. No explanation.

  • Well, in that case, you’ve ticked all the boxes. It’s an achievement and no mistake.

  • Thanks. It has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. (That’s a lie. It was based on a conversation Reuben and I had two days before that photo was taken.)

    I’m glad that I could record my achievements for future generations to enjoy.

  • Hey. Come on. Two days is a while, isn’t it? Just because your hopes and dreams are brand new doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly important.


  • You’re right, thanks mate #matesquared

    Hopes and dreams are very important, regardless of how long I’ve concocted them. I am still optimistic that one day I will have my very own R’n’B Beaver.

  • I’m sure that’ll happen. You just need a beaver and some bling. That means your to-do list is only two items away from completion. TWO. That’s easy. That’s almost finished.

  • A new shop has opened up down the road called ‘Beaver Bling’. Perhaps I can solve all my problems at the same time? Only time will tell. They’re always shut when I get home from work.


  • No problem. Book yourself a day off work, get yourself down there and you’ll have an R’n’Beaver of your very own by lunchtime. It’s time to make your dreams come true.

    (TWO! TWO!)

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